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Filmography ...

Check out the Award Winning "The Cult of JT LeRoy"
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marjorie sturm  
Smoke the Pipe Dream, 40 min., digital video narrative, 2003 (writer/director/producer/editor). "Grand Festival Award" for short feature at the Berkeley Video and Film Festival. This film is a sojourn through Northern California that contemplates the colonization of our land and bodies. Amanda and Denise pick up Norman and travel through real estate, beaches, bacchanals, highways, and homeless forests. Starring Chantel Lucier, Kate Thompson, and Joe Rivera. Cinematography by John Church. Music by Blue Gum Art, D. Elder, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, and Lance Grabmiller. more info on film.

marjorie sturm  
The Slidell Story, 30 min. digital video documentary, 2003 (co-director/cinematographer/editior), produced by the Consumers Union. This video documents the grassroots movement that prevented the Tenet corporation's attempted take-over of a public hospital in Slidell, Louisiana.

marjorie sturm  
Voice or No Voice, 10min., digital video experimental erotica, 2003 (writer/director/producer/editor). This experimental erotic video contrasts the personal sphere of lovemaking with the external political landscape. Music composed by Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

marjorie sturm  
Honey and Eggs (the end of fantasy), 20 min., digital video diary, 2002 (writer/cinematographer/editor/producer). This video diary documents the feelings and decision-making that occurred after falling in love with an Italian man in Mexico and being reunited with him three years later. Kate Thompson travels with this film, too. Music by Marjorie Sturm and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

marjorie sturm  
Treehouse, 17 min., 16mm color narrative, 2001 (writer/director/producer/editor). This mood-piece narrative explores a poet's psychic solitude and her evening with a dot-com programmer. Starring Kate Thompson. Music by Marjorie Sturm and Jeff Zittrain.

marjorie sturm  
The Relief, 6 min., super 8 film, 2001/2004 (writer/cinematorgrapher/editor). This experimental film ponders the sensation of escape and satisfaction when completely unwound in a foreign land. Music by Marjorie Sturm and Ernesto Diaz-Infante.

marjorie sturm
The Thread, 7 min., video and Super 8 experimental, 1998 (co-created with Michelle Cheikin: writer/cinematographer/editor).  This experimental video tours the internal and external landscape of a marginalized woman living in the Tenderloin. Music by Markus Hawkins.

marjorie sturm
My Espresso with Joan, 40 min, video, narrative, 1997 (writer/director/producer/editor). This conversational narrative was inspired by My Dinner with Andre. Instead of two men in a fine dining restaurant in New York, we have two women (sort of) in a café in San Francisco. Rachel, a SF café worker, and Joan, a NY advertising agent, discuss ambitions, relationships, and the state of the world. Starring John Church.


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