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The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival 2004 presents
The Anais Nin Video & Film Diary Festival


Friday, May 28, 8:30pm to 10:30pm (Video)
Saturday, May 29, noon to 7pm (Music); 8:30pm to 10:30pm (Video)
Sunday, May 30, noon to 7pm (Music)


Henry Miller Memorial Library
Highway One
Big Sur, California USA
$10 for 1 day / $15 for both days / $30 festival pass

News! and some fine articles and links to reviews, photos, audio, and video clips from this year's Experimental Music (and Anais Nin Diary Film) Festival:
Ben McAllister's Big Sur page just added!!! 9/15/04
Monica Gazzo's photos
Celeste Hutchins' photos
Ernesto's video clip
Marjorie Sturm's review and photos
Unchained Melodies By Stuart Thornton --CoastWeekly
Look At Me By Sue Fishkoff --CoastWeekly
411: A Musical Suprise By Andrew Gilhooley --The Salinas Californian


Since 1999 The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival has presented a wide variety of adventurous modern music including: experimental, improvised, noise, electronic, free-jazz, outrock, 21st century composition and sonic art, from artists across the USA, Europe and Australia. BSXMF 2004 will be presented again in the revolutionary format of a "Sound/Shift". This type of event, the brainchild of Baltimore event organizer and musician John Berndt, brings large numbers of musicians together to collaborate in unpredicted ways, often with stunning results.

In conjunction with BSXMF2004, The Henry Miller Memorial Library is proud to present the first-ever Anais Nin Video & Film Diary Festival of personal first-person narratives (no sexual or political limits). This year's lineup includes Gabriela Bohm's Passages, Why, Arizona by John Church, Tending Echo Park by Monica Gazzo, Resilience by Amy Happ, Honey and Eggs (the end of fantasy) by Marjorie Sturm, and Caveh Zahedi's In the Bathtub of the World. Here's the full schedule

Approximately 100 musicians from the San Francisco Bay Area and the rest of North America (and beyond) will be placed in overlapping shifts, often with people they've never played with before. The group sizes range from 3 to 30, with an average of 4-5 musicians performing at any given time. With at least one personnel switch every 10 minutes, the audience will be treated to the equivalent of 80 different ensembles over the course of two 7-hour "pieces". This will be a benefit for the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

BSXMF2004 Sound/Shift schedules now available!
Sound/Shift04 Day 1 (Saturday)
Sound/Shift04 Day 2 (Sunday)
Sound/Shift04 By Name/Times
Volunteer schedule

The Henry Miller Library is nestled in a redwood-lined canyon in beautiful Big Sur, California. The space is an intimate outdoor venue that can comfortably accommodate 250 people; it captures the inspirational spirit of Henry Miller, the world-renowned writer, artist, and Big Sur resident. The festival's goal for 2004 is to present a wide variety of improvisational forms and ideas emerging from a vast assortment of experimental music backgrounds, as well as to be a great deal of fun for the artists and audience alike (Events which inspire within a capitalist society, any event that allows people to gather).

Early campground/lodging reservations are strongly recommended. Big Sur is a very popular Memorial Day weekend destination. Call 831.667.2574 or email for advance tickets and more Henry Miller Library information. Also checkout the BSXMF 2001 pictorial wesbite and The Coast Weekly feature about last year's festival, and previous years 1999/2000/2003.

BSXMF2004 Sound/Shift Musicians/Performers and mp3s:
99Hooker--sax/spoken word, New York mp3
Ausberto Acevedo--double bass, San Francisco mp3
Joe (MetaMan) Balesteri--trumpet/laptop, San Francisco
Bob Bellerue--feedback/homemade electronics/flutes, Los Angeles mp3
Josh Bevalaqua--percussion, San Francisco added!!!
Jorge Boehringer--violin/electronics, Oakland added!!!
CJ "Reaven" Borosque--noise pedals, El Cerrito mp3
Mitchell Brown--electro-acoustics, Los Angeles
Lara Bruckmann--voice, Bay Area
Kyle Bruckmann--oboe/english horn/suona, San Francisco mp3
Jon Brumit--turntable, Oakland
Jared Butler--guitar/fx, Santa Rosa mp3
Samuel Campbell--electric bass guitar, Bay Area cancelled!!!
Leticia Castaneda--various electronics & objects, Los Angeles
Chris Cory--sax/electronics, Sebastopol added!!!
Bob Crowmeat--bass clarinet/alto sax, North Carolina cancelled!!!
Andre Custodio--synth, Pleasant Hill mp3
Matt Davignon--drum machine, Oakland mp3
Bryan Day--guitar/taisho-goto/self-built, Omaha NE
Ernesto Diaz-Infante--acoustic guitar, San Francisco mp3 video clip
E.C.C. (Mark Gunderson)--thimbletron, Columbus, OH cancelled!!!
Thomas Dimuzio--sampler, San Francisco mp3
Tom Djll--trumpet, Bay Area mp3
Tim DuRoche--drums, Portland
David Dupuis--upright bass, Bay Area
James Edmiston--upright bass, Palo Alto mp3
Will Eizlini--percussion/electronics, Montreal, Canada mp3 cancelled!!!
Dina Emerson--voice, Bay Area mp3
Helena Espvall-Santoleri--cello, Philadelphia
Cuca (aka Maria) Esteves--computer/objects/bandoneon, Los Angeles mp3
Philip Everett--percussion/autoharp, San Francisco added!!!
Marcos Fernandes--electronics/percussion, San Diego mp3
Leah Fenimore--banjo/tapes, San Francisco added!!!
Scott Fraser--electric guitar, Los Angeles
Philip Gayle--acoustic guitar, New York cancelled!!!
Eric Glick Rieman--prepared rhodes piano, Berkeley mp3
Lance Grabmiller--laptop, San Francisco mp3
Pawel Grabowski--field recordings/found objects/laptop, Dublin Ireland cancelled!!!
Will Grant--electronics, Larkspur added!!!
Jonathon Grasse--7-string brazilian guitar, Los Angeles
Phillip Greenlief--soprano saxophone, Bay Area mp3
Joseph Hammer--tape, Los Angeles mp3
Emily Hay--flutes/voice, Los Angeles mp3
Greg Headley--guitar/electronics, Los Angeles mp3
Ron Heglin--trombone, Berkeley
Matt Herman--stick, San Francisco mp3
Damon Holzborn--guitar/electronics, San Diego mp3
Anna Homler--voice/electronics, Los Angeles mp3 cancelled!!!
Bill Horist--prepared guitar, Seattle mp3 cancelled!!!
Jonathan Horne--guitar, Charleston, South Carolina
Wayne Jackson--laptop/circuit bend toys, Santa Cruz mp3
David Javelosa--synth, Santa Monica
David Kendall--laptop/found electronics, Los Angeles
Kitundu--phonoharp, San Francisco
Scot Gresham-Lancaster--electronics, Bay Area added!!!
Adam Lane--double bass, New York cancelled!!!
Craig Latta--double theremin, Palo Alto added!!!
Markus Launsburry--guitar/electronics/percussion, Chicago
Marina Lazzara--voice/guitar/fx, San Francisco mp3
Bill Leikam--percussion, Palo Alto
Claudia Lehan--percussion, San Francisco
David "d.bug" Leikam--synthesizer/electric bass, Palo Alto
Eric Leonardson--electroacoustic percussion, Chicago cancelled!!!
Nathan Levine--double bass, Seattle mp3
Scott R. Looney--laptop, Oakland mp3
Fred Malouf--guitar/electronics, Bay Area
Bob Marsh--mutil-instruments, El Cerrito
Ben McAllister--guitar/circuit-bent Instruments, Seattle
Jim Meneses--drums/percussion/midi-marimba, Philadelphia mp3 cancelled!!!
Marianne McDonald--harp, Oakland
Thollem McDonas--electric piano, Pacifica added!!!
Kristen Miltner--laptop, San Francisco mp3
Polly Moller--flute/vocals, Bay Area mp3
Luis Monne--guitar/pedals/voice, Santa Monica
Robert Montoya--electronics, San Diego mp3 cancelled!!!
W.T. Nelson--homemade synth & hurdy gurdy, Los Angeles
Hal Onserud--bass, Santa Barbara
Albert Ortega--amplified resonant objects/laptop/microphone oscillators, Los Angeles
Osso Bucco--electronics, Barcelona, Spain cancelled!!!
Tim Perkis--electronics, Bay Area added!!!
Matthew Purdon--action painting, Bay Area added!!!
Jesse Quattro--voice, San Francisco mp3
Alwyn J.S. Quebido--electric guitar, San Francisco mp3
Raven--viola, San Francisco cancelled!!!
Jeff Ridenour--double bass, Los Angeles
Jason Robinson--sax/electronics, San Diego mp3
Rent Romus--sax/things, El Cerrito mp3
Jess Rowland--AM radio, San Francisco mp3
LX Rudis--synth, San Francisco mp3
Jonah Rust--guitar/theremin/keyboard/saw/samples, Santa Monica
Paul Santoleri--action painting, Philadelphia added!!!
Yoko Sato--accordian/guitar/voice, Morioka, Japan mp3 cancelled!!!
Thomas Scandura--electronic percussion, Oakland added!!!
Ignaz Schick--electronics, Berlin, Germany
Jeff Schwartz--upright bass, Los Angeles
Anthony Seck--guitar, Montreal, Canada mp3 cancelled!!!
Sam Shalabi--oud/electronics/toys, Montreal, Canada mp3 cancelled!!!
Jason Shanks--laptop/windsynth/sax, East Bay added!!!
John Shiurba--electric guitar, Oakland mp3
Robert Silverman--theremin, Oakland
Simon Wickham-Smith--digital media, Oxford, U.K.added!!!
Michael Sokolowski--violin/synth, Charlottesville, Virginia
Alexandre St-Onge--double bass/electronics, Montreal, Canada mp3 cancelled!!!
Moe! Staiano--percussion, Bay Area mp3
Marjorie Sturm--flute, San Francisco mp3
Ron Thompson--guitar, Bay Area
Steven Tobin--vox/harmonium, San Francisco added!!!
Carolyn Torrente--alto sax, San Francisco
Cory Thrall--Juno 60 synth, percussion, Santa Rosa mp3
Toyoji Tomita--trombone, Oakland
Max Valentino--bass guitar/loops, Tehachapi CA
Douglas C Wadle--trombone, Bay Area
Chris Ward--bass, Bay Area cancelled!!!
Seth Warren--percussion, Bay Area
Michelle Webb--laptop/guitar, San Jose cancelled!!!
Ellen B Weller--flute/sax/fife/recorder/clarinet, San Diego mp3
Marc Williams--sax/guitar, Bay Area
Theresa Wong--cello, Danville
Aaron Ximm--field recordings, San Francisco mp3
Ian Yeager--electric guitar, Rohnert Park added!!!
Alex Yeung--guitar, San Francisco
Roberto Zimmerman--double bass, San Francisco added!!!
**Notes to Performers --updated 5/28/04

Ernesto Diaz-Infante--Co-artistic Director
Matt Davignon--Co-artistic Director/Artist Coordinator
Marjorie Sturm--Co-artistic Director/Co-curator Film Festival
Maja Manojlovic--Co-curator Film Festival
Kate Thompson--Co-curator Film Festival
Marina Lazzara--Lodging/Campsite Coordinator
Andre Custodio-Staffing/Volunteers Coordinator
Scott R. Looney--Technical Director
Lx Rudis--Stage Manager
Marcos Fernandes--General Assistance
Lance Grabmiller--General Assistance
Angela Hile --General Assistance
Rent Romus--General Assistance
Tohru Kanayama--Graphic Art and Design
Magnus Toren--Henry Miller Memorial Library Director

BSXMF 2004 is sponsored by:
Henry Miller Memorial Library
The Transbay Creative Music Calendar
Pax Recordings
Coast Weekly

Video documentation by
Access Monterey Peninsula (AMP)/Robert DeFord

Food and drink by
Big Sur Coast Foods

Traveling south from San Francisco or San Jose, Big Sur is 35 miles south of Carmel-by-the-Sea on Highway 1. The Library is a quarter-mile south Nepenthe restuarant in a redwood grove on the mountain side of the road.

For camping and lodging info/reservations checkout and

Hotel/motel accommodations in Big Sur are very expensive, and all accommodations on the Monterey Peninsula book quickly near holidays. For more info checkout: Monterey Hotels, Monterey Accomodations, Monterey Motels, Hotels...

For more info on directions/accommodations call 831.667.2574 or email Magnus Toren

Monterey is a one-hour drive away from Big Sur and the Henry Miller Library.

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