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Reverberations from Spring Past
new music/free improvisation: acoustic and electronic

Live and work in San Francisco and San Diego, California USA
Reverberations From Spring Past brings together four West Coast veterans who combine their distinctive voices to create a well informed, decidedly Californian sound. Ernesto Diaz-Infante (acoustic steelstring guitar), Marcos Fernandes (percussion/phonographies), Robert Montoya (electronics), and Rent Romus (saxophones, voice, toys) connect and collide as they engage each other in musical dialogue with confidence and clarity of intents.

"All four of them have their own distinctive voice...nice intimate playing by Romus in an environment of bubbling electronics, with inventive percussion and very linear guitar playing by Diaz-Infante. A courageous effort from these veterans from California..." --Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

mp3 clips:
premonition (from Reverberations from Spring Past)
blues for ezra (from Reverberations from Spring Past)
who created the canon? (from Reverberations from Spring Past)

album cover

REVERBERATIONS FROM SPRING PAST: Diaz-Infante/Fernandes/Montoya/Romus

2006 release recorded live & in studio during the Spring Reverb 04 Festival in San Diego, California. brings together four West Coast veterans who combine their distinctive voices. "Reverberations" is wild, raw, energetic and headstrong." --tokafi

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