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Listen to na on WFMU (archive) along with an interview about their music and upcoming naisnice Pax CD (comes in at 1:08:14).

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musical cacophony: combining improvisation & noise with a slight pop slant...


Live and work in Seattle and New York, USA
Na formed during the nice summer of 2004 in Seattle, taking their name from the Japanese word for a kind of beautiful flower. Sometimes found wearing robes or homemade hats, Na consists of three performers: Noriaki Watanabe, Shinsuke Yamada, and Kazu Nomura. Na reaches musical cacophony, combining improvisation and noise with a slight pop slant and a good sense of humor. The group performs with all instruments possible, including classical guitar, piano, electronic guitar, laptop, a child drum kit, lots of cymbals and vocals with screams and laughs in their own language. Since they began in the nice summer, Na has been busy releasing thousands of CDRs for free with no responsibilities and organizing tons of performances all over the U.S. (Jason Anderson). Two new CDs, both limited releases, are available online from the Sockets CDR label in Washington D.C. Also check out Na's featured review in Signal To Noise magazine!

mp3 clips:
Na Impro (from naisnice)
Morning Tribune (from naisnice)
B (from naisnice)

Na - naisnice - PR90283
A-sides (naisnice) is Na's full-length CD. Recorded at Gallery 1412 in Seattle, between June and July of 2005. Na reaches musical cacophony, combining improvisation and noise with a slight pop slant. They are: Kazu (classical & electric guitar and voice), Shin (drums, sampler, laptop, xylophones, etc.), Noriaki (piano, synthesizers and percussion). audio clips and more info. press: Washington Post, Signal To Noise
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