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surreal, slow-motion rock

Live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area USA
Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm Alfred T. Carmichael (aka Ability To Communicate, aka Ernesto Diaz-Infante) and my band found Pax Recordings to put out our music. My friends And Gnat Vomit (aka Matt Davignon), Tina (aka Marjorie Sturm) and I have been fine tuning our craft for over 3 months and we feel we are ready to unleash our music upon the unsuspecting world. The name of the band is "Roc", a clever play on words which combines the popular form of music with the giant bird from the middle ages. Our music reflects this too. We make gigantic, sunblocking songs which are also thought-provoking commentaries on politics and social situations. A lot of our songs have big powerful power chords.

Anyway, my girlfriend Tina, who writes the lyrics, says we're ready to go big time! So now we're sending out CDs to every cool magazine and college radio station we can find. Check out our music... Our email is

  "...I just want to say (and you can quote me on that!) that it is the strangest, most disconcerting take on any kind of so-called post-rock I have heard to this day. The whisper-singing-over-tapes-slowed-down-to-a-crawl has grown into its own rock genre -- one I won't even try to label, as it would spoil some of the shocking experience that is listening to it for the first time. Although the most shocking thing about it is that once you get used to the sound of this "band", it grows on you. "  --  Francois Couture

mp3 sample:
On Any Given Day The Inspection from Within

MUCK - roc - PR90272
Stumbling, dismantled slow motion songs & drum beats & unusual lo-fidelity textures by the mysterious Alred T. Carmichael (aka Ability To Communicate aka Ernesto Diaz-Infante) and And Gnat Vomit (aka Matt Davignon). Intense lyrics brought to you by the enigmatic poet Tina (aka Marjorie Sturm), sung and mumbled by Alfred. Gnat says this is similar to what he hoped "acid rock" would've sounded like before hearing the real thing. press: All Music Guide, Touching Extremes, Vital Weekly, Borderline, Aiding & Abetting, Improvijazzation Nation, Jackal Blaster Zine, Kathodik, Bad Alchemy, Janitor From Mars, Jazz e Arredores, "revue & corrigée



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