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Sabrina Siegel
electric guitar, voice, cello

helena espvall
Lives and works in Eugene, OR USA
Sabrina Siegel was raised in New York and later Santa Monica, California. She received her MFA from the University of Oregon and now resides in Eugene, Oregon. Sabrina's multi-disciplinary work includes Photography, Performance, and Video Installation Arts along with a background in classical voice and flute from childhood. Aside from her solo work, she has performed with Eugene Opera, SIECOX, Onomatopoeia, and other experimental ensembles. She explores improvised composition exclusively and has created fifteen CDs of improvised music. For more info, email:

Artist statement: "More than executing notes or rhythms or melody, a song or a piece of music to me is a field for being--for direct living, feeling, breathing, and expressing in the moment; for sinking deeply, or flying highly into self/Self; or just maintaining our balance--which may reveal a simple beauty or truth. And like life, one rides the waves of grace and the precarious--in this existence, the better we watch and listen, the easier and more potent our flight."

i killed the chicken (Grace/Precarious)
after your voice (Grace/Precarious)
Fire (Grace/Precarious)

album cover

SABRINA SIEGEL: Grace/Precarious

The debut Pax release from Sabrina Siegel, "Grace/Precarious" is her fifth CD of solo improvised music. An exploration through electric guitar, voice, and cello. An extremely raw, visceral, and unique expression.

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