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  Voices In The Wilderness: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America


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Lx Rudis
new media, electronics, CD Players and AirSynths

lx rudis
Lives and works in San Francisco, USA
Lx Rudis is an interdisciplinary media artist based in San Francisco, California. He has been active in both commercial and underground sectors in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early 1980s. Early contact with groups such as Tuxedomoon, The Units and SRL led to media work ranging from radio shows on NPR with members of negativland to commercial work for ABC affiliate KGO-TV and various corporate entities. since 1988, Mr. Rudis' work has been concentrated in the field of interactive computer entertainment. He was a charter member of SF's Virtual Reality Group and has lectured at Cyberarts and performed at the first Digital Be-In. He has lectured at the Computer Game Developer's Conference and several universities in California. He has worked in all areas of video game production and is named in the credits of over 40 video games.

  "If you've played a game on the Atari Lynx, you've probably seen the credit, "Music by Lx Rudis" and wondered "Who is this guy with the strange name and strange glasses?" Wonder no more!"   --  Gregory D. George, The Atari Times

mp3 sample:
Overthruster Track 27 (from Crushing the Russian Renaissance)

album cover

RUDIS/CUSTODIO/DIAZ-INFANTE: Crashing The Russian Renaissance

From three of SF's leading experimental/new music purveyors, in some seriously adventurous compositions for electronics & guitar. "This recording is radical and often extreme" Steven Loewy, All Music Guide

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album cover

VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS: Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America

STOP THE WAR! Created out of the anxiety & disillusionment of Bush's reelection on November 3, 2004. This CD of 26 artists transcends music genres & ideologies with the common purpose of dissent towards the Bush regime. END THE WAR IN IRAQ! "Perfect reminder that we must not forget this madness" Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

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