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Bonnie Kane
saxophone, flute and electronics

Lives and works in New York City USA
(bandleader of W.O.O., W.O.O.Revelator and WORLD OF TOMORROW, musician in Mambo Mantiss, D.-I.S.K. and KLN). Bonnie Kane, a pioneer in extended saxophone and electronics technique. A dedicated improvisor and bandleader with a focus on improvised composition, the composition being defined by the relationship of the players. Bonnie Kane says "I prefer to work in a band format where there is an ongoing and developing relationship between the band members. Improvisation is about the essence of communication during the moment. The depth of that communication built over time is realized in the quality and spirit of the music played. I am interested in the soul, in the deepest of feelings, in the magic moment of connection and creation."

Bonnie Kane has been playing with drummer Ray Sage, since 1990, first in W.O.O., which mutated into W.O.O.Revelator. It was during the W.O.O. Revelator period in 1999, that they first met and played with Ernesto Diaz-Infante. This resulted in the CD, "The First Time" featuring the NYC based W.O.O.Revelator (Ray Sage, Bonnie Kane, and Chris Forsyth) along with the California duo of Pat Harmon and Ernesto Diaz-Infante. During 2000, there was an opportunity for Bonnie and Ernesto to do a small duo tour. This resulted in the CD, "Mysterious Planet". A fluke in festival programming during 2002 solidified the trio format of Bonnie, Ray and Ernesto into D-I.S.K. Also check out:

mp3 samples:
Track 4: Maximum Tension 5.6MB, 4:45 (from the Nature of Things)
Track 5: Particular Vibratory Beings 5.9MB, 5:06 (from the Nature of Things)
Track 9: Recognition 6.8MB, 5:47 (from the Nature of Things)
Track 2: The Canyon Bottom 9.1MB, 4:45 (from Myserious Planet)
Track 3: Foam and Spray 7.0MB, 6:00 (from Myserious Planet)
Track 4: Underlying Nature 12.8MB, 11:11 (from Myserious Planet)

Dissenting Soundscapes and Songs of G.W.'s America - PR90276
Voices In The Wilderness was created out of the anxiety and disillusionment of Bush's reelection on November 3, 2004. This composition of twenty-six artists transcends music genres and ideologies with the common purpose of dissent towards the havoc and bloodshed cause by Bush and the U.S. military's dominance. This collection of political protest music spans experimental, rock, free-improv, electronic, folk, field recordings, and spoken word. This CD is ultimately a reminder and wake-up call that we can not be silent during these times. Contributions from Andre Custodio, Marina Lazzara, mJane, Marcos Fernandes, Bonnie Kane, Ray Sage & Mambo Mantis, The Slow Poisoners, Neshama Alma Band, 99 Hooker, Cornelius Cardew Choir, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Blaise Siwula, many more. more info. press/airplay: Centre for Political Song, Jazz e Arredores, The Belly of the Beast with Stefan on WFMU, The No Show on KDHX, 2, Improvijazzation Nation #71, The Brian Turner Show on WFMU, The New Edge on WMBR, Drool Trough (show #29) on Aural Innovations Radio

D-I.S.K. - the nature of things - PR90271cd-r
The music of D-I.S.K. is rich in texture, going from a thick creamy porridge to, as described by the Village Voice: "an excruciatingly delicate wisp". Their first CD as a trio, The Nature of Things was recorded during studio sessions in 2002 and 2003, and finally released in 2004. A limited edition of 125 copies worldwide. more info on D-I.S.K.

BONNIE KANE/ERNESTO DIAZ-INFANTE - mysterious planet - Sweet 010/Pax 009cd-r
A set of duo improvs by W.O.O. bandleader Bonnie Kane on saxophone, flute and electronics and Ernesto on guitar, vocals and tape collage, all recorded from live and KFJC-FM radio sessions during August 2000. A unique duet CD, recorded live during a California tour. Uncompromising, straightforward, and hard edged. A limited edition of 125 copies worldwide.

While touring California in 1999, New York's finest avant-jazz freakout trio W.O.O. Revelator hooked up with pianist/guitarist Ernesto Diaz-Infante and bassist Pat Harman for a little improvisational muscle-flexing. The 9 tracks on First Time include various combinations of t he five musicians and two tracks with all of them. The result is a set of free-jazz and noise workouts that, while far lower in volume than typically heard from W.O.O., are no less adventurous and enjoyable. A limited edition of 125 copies worldwide.



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